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JP08_Unsold Painting No. 56 _40x30cm.jpg

Hibernus #2 Frans Masereel Centrum 16.05 17.05 13:00-17:00 or by appointment

25.04.24-28.04.24 Art Brussels Annie gentils gallery booth 6A-16

27.04 28.04 01.05 04.05 05.05 couch/door problem, Buzzer Reeves, Brussels

04.05.24-26.05.24 Bow a head, Tarmac, Meerhout 

16.05.24-14.07.24 Bow a head, Annie gentils gallery, Antwerp ART weekend

06.09.24 The Hague

06.07.24-15.09.24 Liefde voor tekenen, stedelijk museum Schiedam (NL)

Upcoming: Paintings dedicated to her muse

30.05.24 What Men Live By - a tolstoy story (more info soon)

01.06.24-14.07.24 drawing attention, omstand, Arnhem (NL)

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